What is WordPress?: A Beginner’s Easy Guide (2024)

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Have you been dreaming of building a website, but have been held back by the thought of coding and complex technical tasks? Worry no more! WordPress is here to simplify website creation for you, and make your dream of building your own website a reality.

What is WordPress?


WordPress is a beginner-friendly and highly flexible website platform that allows you build all kinds of websites without coding skills. It is one of the most popular and straight forward Content Management Systems (CMS) for creating website for people with zero website development knowledge.

Although it started out only as a blogging platform, It has blossomed into a powerful and highly versatile tool with a wide array of easy-to-use features which you can use to create and manage any kind of website. With it you can create a blog, business website, online store, mailing lists, membership sites, learning management systems, and attract new clients with an online portfolio.

WordPress.com or WordPress.org?

Before starting off your website creation journey, it is important to get a good understanding on WordPress.com and WordPress.org. While they both are ways of utilizing WordPress, they have some significant difference worth noting;


WordPress.com is a free hosted platform for building your website with WordPress. Here, your website is managed for you by the creators behind WordPress. All the technical aspects like server maintenance and security are taken care of for you. However, it has limited customization options.


  • It comes with Free hosting.
  • Free sub-domains.
  • Free installation.
  • Some free themes and simple website customizer options.


  • You do not own your domain name.
  • Limited theme and plugin upload access.
  • Inability to monetize your websites using ads.


WordPress.org is a self-hosted platform that offers users complete control over website without limitations. In this version, you need to purchase a domain name and website hosting plan.


  • Unlimited access to plugins and themes.
  • You get your own unique domain name.
  • Freedom to monetize your website with ads.
  • Option to create an online store.
  • Complete customization of your website.


  • Domain name and Webhosting are paid for.
  • You are responsible for managing updates, backups, and security of your website.

If you are looking for a free version, or just testing out your creativity, WordPress.com is a great choice for you. But for developers, businesses, or individuals who want full control and flexibility over their websites, WordPress.org will definitely the best choice for them.

Why is It so Popular?

WordPress was created back in 2003 and has since then become one of most popular websites publishing softwares in the world. About 46% of the websites online use this software Here’s the scoop on why it’s so popular;

  • Cost Effective

One of the biggest benefits is that its core software is completely free to use and modify. While you may need to pay for hosting services and premium themes or plugins, the overall cost of building and running a Website on WordPress is relatively low when compared to alternative platforms like squarespace.

  • Beginner-friendly

WordPress requires zero coding skills! You do not have to be a wizard to create your blog or website because it has a user-friendly interface that makes the process straightforward and easy. Its intuitive dashboard makes it easy for you to add content, organize it effectively, and expand your site as needed.

  • Unmatched Flexibility

WordPress is highly customizable, allowing you to create a website that meets your specific needs and suits your unique taste. It offers many beautiful free and paid themes that lets you control the look and feel of your website. It also has thousands of Plugins and Widgets which are easy to install, to help you optimize the functionality of your website.

  • Vast Community

The expansive WordPress community comprising forums and discussions, offers abundant information and tutorials covering a wide array of subjects. Whether you have questions on how to use certain features, or need help troubleshooting a problem, you are sure to get easy access to online resources that offer solutions to your problem.

  • Security and Updates

WordPress core, plugins and themes receive regular updates. This helps to fix bugs, improve security and overall performance of your website. As long as you do not ignore the updates, use strong passwords, enable two-factor authentication and back-up regularly, you can be sure that you website is safe from hackers and other security threats.

  • Mobile-Friendly

WordPress ensures that your website looks great regardless of screen-size. With a lot of people using their phones to browse these days, it is such an advantage that WordPress themes are designed to adjust automatically to fit any screen size, be it a computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Plugins and Themes

WordPress Plugins and Themes are special tools that help you customize the look and functionality of your website. Understanding what they are and how to use them is essential for elevating the design and performance of your website.

  1. Themes

A WordPress Theme is a collection of files that determine the layout, design, and overall appearance of your website. There are vast collections of free and paid themes available for you to choose from. You can easily install and modify their colors, fonts and layouts to align with your brand identity or personal taste.

  1. Plugins

WordPress Plugins are software components that extend the functionality of your website. There are thousands of plugins for almost anything you can imagine! From creating contact forms, to adding galleries, and building online stores. And just like adding an app to your phone, you can easily add plugins from the plugin directory and update with only few clicks.

Why Do People and Companies Use WordPress?

This platform has gained immense popularity for several compelling reasons:

  1. Ease of Use: Its intuitive interface makes it accessible to anyone, regardless of their technical background. You don't need to be a web development expert to use it effectively.
  2. Flexibility: With thousands of themes and plugins available, you can tailor your website to meet your specific needs. Whether you're a small business or a large corporation, WordPress adapts to your requirements.
  3. SEO-Friendly: WordPress is inherently structured for search engine optimization (SEO), helping your website rank higher on search engines like Google. This is vital for attracting organic traffic.
  4. Large Community: A massive community of users and developers contributes to the platform's constant improvement. You'll find ample support, resources, and solutions when you encounter challenges.

Big Brands Use It

If you're still skeptical about WordPress's capabilities, consider some notable brands that have embraced it. NASA, the White House, TechCrunch, The New Yorker, and many more rely on it to power their online presence. These giants trust WordPress because it offers the scalability and reliability they need.

Statistics of WordPress Usage

To put it into perspective, over 455 million websites are using WordPress, including small blogs and major e-commerce sites. Its market share among content management systems is over 63%. These numbers reflect the global confidence in platform's capabilities.

Security Myths

Some people believe that WordPress isn't secure. However, many security myths can be debunked:

  • Outdated Plugins and Themes: Security vulnerabilities usually arise from using outdated plugins and themes. Keeping your WordPress installation up to date is crucial to maintaining security.
  • Weak Passwords: Weak passwords are the leading cause of security breaches. Using strong, unique passwords and enabling two-factor authentication can fortify your website's security.
  • Inadequate Hosting: Choosing a reliable hosting provider is vital. Reputable hosting companies like Cloudways offer enhanced security features to protect your site.

Scalability Myths

Another misconception is that it is only suitable for small websites. In reality, it can scale to handle high traffic and complex needs. Many e-commerce giants, educational institutions, and corporations run large, dynamic websites powered by WordPress.

Ready to take your online presence to the next level? Whether you're starting from scratch or looking to revamp your existing website, WPFlat is here to help. We offer end-to-end solutions for businesses of all sizes, leveraging the power of WordPress to boost your online visibility. Contact us today to discuss how we can elevate your digital presence!

In conclusion, WordPress is the perfect solution for non-technical business owners looking to establish a strong online presence. It's user-friendly, flexible, secure, and scalable. Don't let the technical jargon intimidate you; WordPress makes it easy for anyone to create and manage a website. Join the ranks of renowned brands and millions of websites worldwide by choosing WordPress as your platform of choice. Your online success begins here!

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